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We supply Veneers & Wooden Logs in leading brands around the world!

The finest and rarest logs are sent to companies that produce veneer. The advantage to this practice is twofold. First, it provides the most financial gain to the owner of the log. Secondly, and of more importance to the woodworker, it greatly expands the amount of usable wood. While a log used for solid lumber is cut into thick pieces, usually no thinner than 1/8 of an inch (3 mm), veneers are cut as thin as 1/40 of an inch (0.6 mm). Depending on the cutting process used by the veneer manufacturer, very little wood is wasted by the saw blade thickness, known as the saw kerf. Accordingly, the yield of a rare grain pattern or wood type is greatly increased, in turn placing less stress on the resource. Some manufacturers even use a very wide knife to “slice off” the thin veneer pieces. In this way, none of the wood is wasted. The slices of veneer are always kept in the order in which they are cut from the log and are often sold this way.

Our wooden logs are based on the culture of decoration and they are created from old wooden logs and reclaimed timbers to feel and give natural look. Our wooden pieces are eco friendly and pasted with very nice quality of glue. All wooden pieces are 100% solid wood and no composite board is used. Our sizes of wooden pieces are suitable for all application. This product is known for various application and used in Villas/ Auditorium/ Bars/ Natural Table Tops and many multi purpose applications.

Below are some of the leading brands we supply in decorative veneers:

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